Smiling man with hand around ear listening.

October is about more than just Halloween, changing leaves and pumpkins. This month is about raising awareness for the services audiologists provide as well as why it is important to consider hearing protection or treatment. In honor of National Audiology Awareness Month, we’re debunking some common myths about hearing, hearing loss and hearing aids.

Myth #1: Hearing loss only affects older people.
Fact: One in six 18-year-olds have irreversible noise-induced hearing loss.

Myth #2: Hearing loss isn't a big deal.
Fact: Hearing loss creates an increased risk for cognitive decline, depression, reduced quality of life, and social isolation.

Myth #3: Hearing aids just make things louder.
Fact: Hearing aids are prescriptive to one's hearing loss and are individually programmed to each ear.

Myth #4: It's best to get your hearing tested when you notice a change.
Fact: Hearing screenings should be a part of your regular preventative healthcare regimen. Screenings are important to establish a baseline, monitor changes and identify treatment options earlier, if needed.