News and Announcements

It is the policy of Masonicare that we maintain a professional and proactive relationship with the press while ensuring the privacy or our patients, residents, families, and employee team members.

Upon receipt of a request to Masonicare for information from the media, never comment or answer any questions. The request should be directed as indicated below and include the following:

  • Reporter Name
  • Company/Publication
  • Contact Phone
  • Contact Email
  • Topic for Comment
  • Deadline

Policy: All media inquiries are to be forwarded to the corporate marketing department at

Initial contact will be made by corporate marketing and forwarded to the VP of Strategy or Chief Executive Officer for a response.

All media inquiries will be responded to appropriately and within the designated timeframe as requested by the press.

When necessary drafted responses will be reviewed by legal before submitting to the press

News cameras and photographers are not allowed in any Masonicare facility without prior approval.

All requests for onsite news footage must be requested through the media inquiry email.