History of Excellence

Nearly 4,500 patients and residents across the state rely on Masonicare each day. With a steadfast commitment to providing the best possible care for seniors throughout Connecticut, Masonicare is rooted in values that have defined its history.

Aerial view of an old photo of two men looking of into the distance of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. A photo of the late Luke Lockwood, attorney and philanthropist who was Grand Master of Connecticut Masons,appears in the top right corner.

The Beginnings

It could be said that the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 ignited the spark that started Masonicare. Organizations and individuals across the U.S. rushed to aid the victims of the devastating blaze. Here in Connecticut, Masons collected over $1,000 in cash plus provisions to help their fellow Masons and the city of Chicago with the rebuilding effort. 

In a gesture that would be unheard of today, Chicago returned any surplus to donor groups–including $332 to Connecticut Masons.  

Timing is everything. Luke Lockwood, the attorney and philanthropist who was Grand Master of Connecticut Masons from 1872-73, had a vision of a home for brethren and widows, especially Civil War widows. Thus inspired, he leveraged that $332 into what is today the Masonicare continuum. 

Old picture of the outside of Masonicare in 1960 in black and white with two buildings and many trees..


Established in centrally located Wallingford as The Masonic Charity Foundation of Connecticut, the organization has remained mission-based for more than a century. A hallmark of our history has been the commitment to evolving to meet the needs of those in our care and beyond. In the 1960s, Masonicare was one of the earliest healthcare providers to be certified for and accept Medicare.

Following this milestone, the organization ceased being only for people with Masonic ties and became open to all.

The present day outside look of Masonicare

The Present

An open organization today, Masonicare welcomes anyone who can benefit from our services, while focusing on those over the age of 55. Remaining a not-for-profit organization, Masonicare is considered a national leader in the field of senior care services. Our team is committed to respecting the uniqueness of each individual, sticking to a holistic philosophy that embraces body, mind and spirit.

With three retirement communities in Connecticut, a skilled nursing center that includes a behavioral health hospital and statewide home health care and hospice programs, Masonicare cares for nearly 5,000 patients and residents a day with our ageless commitment to caring.

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Person outside using two hands to capture the bright sun in a rectangular position with the Masonicare logo inside the persons hands.

The Future

With an engaged, mission-driven workforce, Masonicare is committed to delivering an experience that respects your uniqueness, wherever you call home. Our team encourages you to be ageless, meaning they will learn what your needs, desires and wishes are to help deliver on them each and every day. Masonicare continues to seek out best-in-class partners and to evolve.

The next century and beyond are bright.

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