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​​​​Gifts of Real Estate​

The Masonic Charity Foundation of Connecticut works with its friends to determine if a piece of property is suitable to donate. This process begins by completing a property inquiry form which was developed by The Foundation. The donor should provide a qualified appraisal of the property. Your gift of real estate may be in the form of:

  • a​n outright gift

  • a retained life estate, whereby you gift your residence to The Masonic Charity Foundation, and continue to use it during your and/or your spouse’s lifetime

  • a life income agreement, whereby property is transferred to a trust, the trust sells the property and invests the proceeds, paying you an income for life

  • a bargain sale, whereby you sell your property to The Masonic Charity Foundation at a reduced price, and receive both cash and an income tax deduction

  • a bequest

Reasons to consider a gift of real estate:

  • you would like to make a gift to The Masonic Charity Foundation of Connecticut while retaining your cash and liquid assets

  • you wish to avoid selling appreciated property because of substantial capital gains taxes

  • you are interested in moving to a smaller home and no longer need the property

  • you would like to receive income from your property​


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