A woman taking a selfie in front of her artwork

Ways to stay happy and healthy at home

  • Watch a movie or TV show that you’ve been meaning to see
  • Do something crafty – knit, crochet, scrapbook, sew
  • Write to a loved one – if you’re unable to send mail or email, most smart phones today let you send voice recordings too!
  • Write a poem or song to share with your family – or with a bigger audience on social media
  • Exercise your brain – do crossword puzzles and word search - http://qets.com/crossword_puzzles.htm
  • Let your creativity shine – draw, paint, sing, dance, put on your own play
  • Meditate – practice mindfulness and breathing techniques to relax and rejuvenate
  • Clean and organize – clean out closets, cabinets and drawers
  • Pamper yourself – enjoy your favorite beverage, listen to your favorite music/artist, take a long shower or bath
  • Reminisce – go through old photographs and put them into albums – or scan into digital files
  • Catch up – reach out to friends via Skype, FaceTime, or other available technology
  • Learn something new – a different language, an instrument, a new recipe – you pick
  • Explore  – Go on safari or visit the zoo, tour museums (try Google Arts and Culture), attend the opera (Metropolitan Opera NYC), or experience the beauty of the aurora borealis (Explore.org live stream)– many of these are being offered online, free of charge

The opportunities are endless. Take advantage of these and many other ideas to make the best of staying in/home and most of all – stay safe and healthy!