Thanksgiving - stay safe

A new twist on tradition

We’ve already seen the commercial. If you haven’t yet, we’re sure you will. Grandparents at their home on a video call with their daughter and grandson, opening gifts on Christmas morning. “Open the blue one”, the daughter excitedly suggests. And there it is – the tug at your heartstrings – “Your present is me!” exclaims their grandson, as they open a homemade “doll” that is modeled after the self-portrait their grandson proudly displays on the other side of the video screen.

This year, because of the pandemic, there are sure to be many different twists to your family traditions. Families won’t be together in typical ways, large gatherings and feasts will be downsized, and gift exchanges will take place from afar.

But when the time comes, you and your loved ones can still be together – even if you’re apart. Sharing the experience of a holiday meal or opening gifts can still bring a sense of tradition and comfort to us all. All it takes is a little improvising and creativity!

How can you celebrate longstanding holiday traditions when you aren’t in the same location? Just look at how some of the COVID brides and grooms adapted and the variety of ways in which they were able to reinvent their weddings by identifying what was most important to them.

We can bring that same creativity to Thanksgiving and other holidays this year and make the ordinary – extraordinary, and possibly start some new traditions. The key this year may be accepting that things need to evolve – and not comparing this year’s celebrations with those from previous years.

This year, focus on the meaning and the why, go with the flow and have a different-but-wonderful holiday season!