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Making the Move to Assisted Living

Moving from one home to another is never easy, and the decision to place a family member in Assisted Living or Memory Care can be one a difficult choice. You are looking for the highest level of care when it matters most and the least amount of anxiety for you and your loved one. What if you could find both – easily and effortlessly?

We know relocating a loved one is a tough decision. Masonicare Moves alleviates the stress and logistics of managing a move and provides families relief during an already challenging time of life – and it’s free for assisted living and memory care!

Imagine if you could leave all the “heavy-lifting” to someone else and experience a smooth and stress-free move. Specialized moving services tailored to the individuals’ needs start with a relocation expert who will be with you and your family every step of the way to:

  • Schedule a pre-move in consultation
  • Help with identifying which items to bring
  • Plan a familiar living space
  • Measure and make sure everything will fit
  • Coordinate all packing & unpacking
  • Arrange furniture and personal items
  • Ensure everything is in the right place – creating a welcoming and comfortable new home

Understandably, there is a lot of sentiment tied to one’s possessions, but you don’t necessarily need to spend weeks in the attic or basement going through decades of belongings. One way to think about it is – what would you take if your house was on fire? It sounds a bit drastic, but it helps you focus on what’s important to your loved one. Now, what if there was a little more time to decide what to take? What would you bring – Family treasures? Artwork? Furnishings? Start with making a list of the things you know will convey familiarity, then let Masonicare Moves do the rest.

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