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How to Keep Your Stress Level at Bay During the Holidays

Like milk and cookies, turkey and stuffing, apple pie and ice cream – holidays and stress seem to go hand in hand. It can be hard on everyone, but for family caregivers this presents an extra layer of difficulty.

We’ve found some helpful articles we’d like to share with you that can help put the happy back into your holidays!

Tip 1
It’s OK if things don’t go exactly according to plan. If you’re used to how things “used to be”, one way to reduce stress is to alter your expectations. Here are three ways you can boost your holiday enjoyment!

Tip 2
In addition to stress, the holidays can heighten other emotions experienced by caregivers – such as guilt or sadness. Here’s some welcome advice for dealing with caregiving emotions.

Tip 3
Feeling anxious? Often the buildup of stress over time can cause anxiety and leave you feeling overwhelmed. We found these five techniques that can be used anytime and anywhere to put the brakes on caregiver anxiety!

Tip 4
Caregivers can feel underappreciated and resentful as all their attention is focused on the individual needing care. It’s important to be able to manage those feelings and take care of yourself too! Here are some ways to cope.

Tip 5
Write it down and let it go! Journaling is an effective way to get your feelings out and offers many proven health benefits. Sometimes all you need is a little prompting to get started.

Tip 6
Need a reboot? There’s an app for that! Taking a break to clear your head can help you regain your positive outlook. Try one or more of these free mobile apps to get back on track.