woman on ipad video call with doctor

Do you make house calls?

Many seniors may remember when their family doctor made house calls. That’s right! Your doctor would get in his/her car, drive to your home – sometimes in the middle of the night – diagnose and provide treatment (out of a small, black doctor’s bag) for whatever ailed you.

While the days of “house calls” have long since passed, there is a new way you can receive care at home – with Telehealth services. For seniors, their families and their caregivers, telehealth can be an important and welcome option. In many cases, virtual visits can reduce the need for in-person appointments, lower the cost of care by reducing visits to the emergency room and improve patient satisfaction.

Older patients can be affected by a wide range of conditions and diseases. In some cases, in-person visits are still needed; however, telehealth provides direct access to healthcare professionals to answer questions and receive advice on managing health issues on a regular basis.

Some of the ways telehealth visits can be beneficial:

  • Mental health - mental health support for coping with stress & anxiety from the safety & comfort of your home
  • Palliative care – report on changes in health or concerns
  • Transitional care – help manage post-hospital treatment regimens
  • Chronic disease management – keep tabs on disease progression and treatments
  • Primary care – consultation for patients that have trouble moving or leaving their home

Through telehealth consultations, caregivers can quickly gain valuable information and knowledge that helps improve the quality of care they provide. For families, it can help reduce the burden of travel expenses and ease the stress of caring for their loved ones. And finally, for seniors looking to maintain their independence and live at home longer, telehealth offers great potential.

At Masonicare, access to Telehealth is made easy with dedicated iPads, technology assistance and private Telehealth Rooms.