A dog and cat sitting together

Can my pet come too?

For many, it’s a non-negotiable aspect of moving – the ability to bring their furry family member along. (We also have some inside “intel” that this is frequently asked when someone is researching senior living). If this is you – we have great news! Pets are welcome in our three retirement communities.

There are, of course, some typical do’s and don’ts that must be taken into consideration:

  • Residents must be able to care for their pet(s) on their own
  • Pets must be non-aggressive and well-trained
  • Residents must pick up after their pet(s)
  • Pets must be licensed, current on vaccinations and wear a collar with clear contact information in the event they get loose or become lost

There are many benefits these 4-legged creatures provide their human counterparts. In addition to much-appreciated companionship, they can also provide exercise, improved mood, and even lower blood pressure!

When it comes time to move into a senior community, don’t stress over what will happen to “Fido” or “Frisky” – as long as you are able to care for him/her, they can make the move to Masonicare with you.