Three decorated Christmas trees with Whinney The Pooh stuffed characters.

7 Ways to Spread Cheer This Holiday Season

The holiday season is in full swing! It is a very special time of year filled with joy, care, and the love of our families warming our hearts despite the colder weather. As easy as spreading holiday cheer can be for many people, it isn’t always as simple for the aging loved ones in our lives. They have life experiences, both good and bad, that can sometimes cloud the end-of-year festivities.

Here are a few suggestions on how you can keep your loved ones’ spirits up during the holidays:

  1. Take them on a drive to see holiday lights.
    Taking seniors out of their usual environment and into the world can work wonders for their mood. Seeing vibrant holiday displays, in particular, is enough to fill anyone with delight.
  2. Monitor medications and alcohol consumption.
    Remembering to take all necessary medications at the proper times can be a struggle for some seniors. Help them create a consistent schedule and consider creating an alert that signals it’s time to take a pill. For this purpose, take a look at our Phillips Medication Dispensing Service, which is the most reliable medication dispenser on the market. Limit the amount of alcohol your loved one consumes, especially if you are unsure how it may interact with their medications.
  3. Be on the lookout for signs of depression.
    Depression can be particularly high around the holidays. Pay attention to any telltale signs that this may be an issue for your loved one.
  4. Be thoughtful.
    As they get older, your loved one may not remember certain things. Avoid dwelling on something if they don't remember it, as this could add to their confusion or depression and affect their demeanor.
  5. Before they visit, de-clutter.
    You want to make sure that your relative is safe in your home if visiting for the holidays. Provide ample room for them to maneuver and minimize any tripping hazards, such as throw rugs and extension cords. Good lighting is also important.
  6. Decorate.
    Take the time to visit them and help them decorate for the holidays. A wreath and small holiday tree with some colorful lights that are personal to them can brighten up their space and their mood. Some seniors are unable to do this themselves, and they will appreciate the assistance all the more.
  7. Simply spend time with them.
    The absolute best thing that you can do for your loved one is to spend quality time with them. Include them in as many of the celebrations as possible to help them ward off the holiday blues. Put away all distractions especially electronic devices, and let them know you are there for THEM. Listen to their stories of holidays past, browse through old photo albums, and bring your children to join in on the reminiscence. Your presence is really what they want this holiday season.