COVID-19 Information - as of 10/22/2021

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Yale New Haven Health COVID-19 Testing Site at Masonicare
The YNHH testing site at Masonicare in Wallingford is open for testing by appointment only. Please click here to schedule an appointment. You can download the testing FAQs here.

Please note: This is a testing site ONLY.


  • Visitation schedule is as follows: 10am-4pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday / 1pm-7pm Tuesday and Thursday / 10am-5pm Saturday and Sunday.
  • Visitors must stop at the security desk first for sign in and directions, proceed to check-in for screening, and then sign in on the unit.
  • Visitors must return to the security desk for check out, return their visitor pass and exit through the main entrance.
  • No visitors under the age of 16; no pets at this time
  • Visits must remain in resident rooms and cannot be moved to other units or common areas.
  • Two visitors per resident and only 20 visitors per floor for a Ramage floor, and 15 visitors for 2 Wooster at one time
  • We understand that everyone is excited to spend time with their loved ones; however, in order to give everyone adequate time, we ask that visits be no longer than two (2) hours.
  • Surgical masks are required to be worn at all times in the facility in accordance with CDC guidelines for nursing facilities and hospitals regardless of vaccine status (no cloth masks).​​​​​​
  • Screening on Entry: Anyone entering the facility for visitation or to sign out a resident for a leave of absence should be screened at the front reception area prior to going to the unit or having contact with the resident.
  • Outdoor visitation is preferred as there is a lower risk of transmission due to increased open space and airflow. The front lawn area is a designated visiting location or a walk around the grounds. The area under the front portico is not a visitation area as it is the sole entry point for the facility which includes ambulances, emergency vehicles, and vendors. Masks may be removed when outside.
  • Please sign out residents at the nurses’ station prior to taking them off of the unit.
  • During indoor visitation, visitors should limit their movement in the facility and go directly to the resident’s room or visitation area. Please be respectful of the roommate and be sure they have the option to exercise social distancing should they elect to do so.
  • If both the resident and visitor are fully vaccinated, they can choose to have close contact (including touching and hugging) while both are wearing masks. Use of hand sanitizers is recommended before and after any contact.
  • Visitors should physically distance from other residents and staff in the facility.
  • Cafeteria: The cafeteria remains closed to visitors at this time.
  • Public restrooms are located adjacent to Wilder lounge.
  • Leaves of Absence for residents leaving our campus for a family outing should be prearranged by calling the nurses station. Nursing will provide proper education to the family prior to the visit and will conduct a risk assessment at the completion of the visit.
  • Observation Unit: Newly admitted residents who are on observation/potential exposure units (Short-term Rehab) or are on transmission-based precautions for COVID-19 will only receive virtual visits. In person compassionate care visits will be arranged and accommodated, when indicated, on a case by case basis.
  • Positive Visitor/Exposed Visitor: If a visitor becomes positive for COVID-19 and has visited Masonicare within the last 48 hours, they should contact Infection Prevention at Masonicare as soon as possible at 203-679-5987 for contact tracing purposes.


Great news to share: overnight, the CDC approved the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson COVID boosters for people 65 and older and for high-risk workers (which includes our employees). This means that the booster clinics we scheduled with our pharmacy partners – which, to date, have only offered Pfizer – might now include the other vaccines for those who need them. We will be sure to let you know.

The other big news from regulators is that anyone eligible for an extra dose can choose to get a brand different from the one they received initially. This is important because it greatly expands the number of Americans eligible for boosters and formally allows “mixing and matching” of shots. It also makes it simpler to get another dose, especially for people who had a side effect from one brand but still want the proven protection of vaccination.

We know that protection offered by the initial vaccine series – whether that’s from Pfizer, Moderna, or J&J – does diminish over time, so getting a booster shot is important for continued protection against COVID-19.


  • Masonicare Health Center reports no COVID-positive residents and staff. Five employees are currently out with symptoms (test results pending), and one other is out on quarantine due to a home exposure, but due to return this weekend. One resident and a roommate are on precautions due to a family exposure.


  • Masonicare Home Health & Hospice reports two COVID-positive patients on service and one employee out.


  • One assisted living employee at Ashlar Village is out after testing positive for COVID.


Are more COVID-19 booster shots on the way? Dr. Ronald Schwartz, Senior Director of Continuum Health Services for Masonicare, gives us the latest information. And Sierra Drevline, Director of Employee Health Services, provides an update on vaccine clinics for our residents, patients and employee team members. You can watch below.

COVID Update with Masonicare President & CEO, Jon-Paul Venoit and Dr. Ronald Schwartz - 10/20/2021:

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