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​​​​​​​Students in Residence Program

Quinnipiac Students ​live at Pond Ridge Assisted Living


Masonicare is excited to continue our partnership with Quinnipiac University for a unique Assisted Living experience!


Once again this year, a student from the University has been chosen to live within our Assisted Living community for the entire 2018-2019 school year. Cathleen Dacey was chosen after going through an application and interview process with a group of staff and residents here at Pond Ridge and Ashlar Village.


Cathleen is a Quinnipiac University alum and current law student there, who will spend a year living with residents. She is interested in pursuing a career in elder law and looks forward to getting to know her new neighbors.


Some of the requirements for the students living here at Pond Ridge include 8 hours of service weekly to our residents, which will be unique to the students and our community, as well as a requirement to eat at least 1 meal a week with our residents.


Cathleen moved in on Friday, August 17, greeted by her new neighbors, Masonicare staff, and the local media! 


This is the 3rd year of the unique program between Quinnipiac University and Masonicare that bridges generations to create common bonds and special friendships.


Welcome, Cathleen! We're so excited to have you as part of the Masonicare family!

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