Students in Residence Program 2016

Students in Residence Program 2016

The First Year Quinnipiac Students ​lived at Pond Ridge Assisted Living

Masonicare is excited to announce the opportunity to partner with Quinnipiac University for a unique Assisted Living experience!


Two students from the University have been chosen to live within our Assisted Living community for the entire 2016-2017 school year. Joe Huberman and Victoria Kozar were chosen after going through an application and interview process with a group of staff and residents here at Pond Ridge and Ashlar Village. Some of the requirements for the students living here at Pond Ridge include 8 hours of service to our residents, which will be unique to the students and our community, as well as a requirement to eat at least 1 meal a week with our residents.


We also wanted the students to identify some sort of "gift" that they would be able to bring to our community. Joe, who is an Occupational Therapy student in his first year of grad school, is a musician who plans to use his guitar and piano skills to entertain our residents at happy hours and social gatherings. Victoria, who is a pre-med student going into her senior year at Quinnipiac, would like to bring her skills of crafting, journalism, yoga, and karaoke to our community.


The two students moved in on Tuesday, August 23rd, and have instantaneously immersed themselves into our community through programs, out trips, room visits, or simply dining with the residents. Along with becoming involved in the community, the students will also document how their personal experiences are going through blogging, journaling, and video recording.


We anticipate that this experience will increase the quality of life for not only the Masonicare community, but also for the two students who are getting a once in a lifetime experience for the careers in which they desire. We look forward to seeing the progress of these Students in Residence and are excited about the future of this program, and its ability to bring generations together and overcome the ageism barriers.


Welcome Victoria and Joe! We're so excited to have you as part of the Masonicare family!


Follow their experiences on their blog, "Old Friends and New" by clicking here.


Stay in touch with Victoria on Twitter at:


See their 'First Week Impressions' in this video:


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