Art work on easel with paints and paint brushes


Art is a powerful tool that has been proven to not only spark emotion, but can improve cognitive function, and communication. The simple act of drawing a picture stimulates the brain to form a picture and then using fine motor skills transfers the picture to paper.

At Ashlar Village Memory Care, we have engaged in a partnership with Catalyst Art Studio to bring to our residents the benefits of:


  • Art shows
  • Donated art shared throughout the secured neighborhood.
  • Instructor support for artists of all levels
  • Multiple artistic mediums (paint, draw, sketch, crafts)
Grand piano in room


When words fail, music speaks.
Like visual arts, music has long been known to stimulate memories of days gone by. Music allows for self-expression and engagement and promotes a relaxed and calm state, particularly in the evening hours when confusion can worsen.

Where there is music there is dance. Often music touches parts of the subconscious memory that holds close memories of happy times. And if able, dancing provides a great outlet and important physical movement that assists with improved mobility and overall conditioning.


Sensory Engagement Activities

  • Fairy Garden – seasonal
  • Aquarium
  • Snoezelen Room – supports the reduction of over stimulation
  • Hydration Station
  • Music throughout
  • Sundowning support to reduce overstimulation
  • Light Therapy Studies supported by QU Partnership
  • Enhanced LED Lighting
  • Wellness Philosophy
Room with tables and chairs

Our Specialists

  • Revamped bereavement group to include grief surrounding death and loss of independence as well as to include all continuum members (men and women)
  • Facilitate low vision support group alongside residents to invite sources into the community to assist those with vision challenges as well as collaborate with current AV team members to improve community accessibility for residents in areas such as dining and facilities
  • Navigate solutions to changing care needs and improve daily living through support services and transitions throughout the continuum
  • Identify challenges with independence and partners with affiliates and referral sources to extend longevity in independent setting
  • Social and emotional support for residents and their families while navigating physical, cognitive, and financial changes
  • Provide education to residents and families on resources inside and outside the continuum
  • Develop supportive relationships with residents, families, and staff members to ensure implementation of the most appropriate services
  • Promotion and advocacy for quality of life
  • Provide resources and support to our residents also acting as caregivers for their loved ones through our Caregiver’s Support Group


A Holistic Approach to Slow Down Memory Decline

Intellectual Stimulation

  • Brain Games
  • Themed & Random Trivia
  • Community Out Trips
  • "Today in History" Discussions
  • Various Forums & Councils
  • Book Club
  • Virtual Reality Travel Programs
  • Presentations

Emotional Outlets

  • Seasonal Specialty Activities
  • Baking & Cooking
  • Musical activities
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Card Games
  • Movies
  • Pet Therapy

Physical Wellness

  • Daily Exercise
  • Specialty Exercise Classes
  • Volleyball
  • Walking (Independently, Groups, Challenges)
  • Wii Bowling

Social Opportunities

  • Themed Seasonal Social Gatherings
  • Multi-Generational Activities
  • Community Out Trips
  • Coffee with Administration

Spiritual Contemplation

  • Weekly Rosary Group
  • Weekly Non-Denominational Spiritual Service
  • Monthly Communion Service
  • Annual Holidays & Events

Purposeful Pasttimes

  • Art Shows
  • Gardening
  • Grocery Trips
  • Community Out Trips
  • Guided Journaling