Post office activity area

Post Office

  • OT/PT Driven initiatives support to help residents achieve successful outcomes

  • Help with writing letters, delivery, mailing to neighbors

  • Sorting of incoming/outgoing mail

Masoincare resident at realistic grocery store

Grocery Store

  • Realistic grocery store for simulated shopping
  • Donations received by families for specialized shopping list options to meet all residents’ items
Flower shoppe with Flower arrangements

Flower Shoppe

  • Creative Flower arrangements

Masonicare resident holding baby toy


  • Life Like baby station with accessories
  • Childrens book nook / helps with bonding within the nursery
Pet shoppe center

Pet shoppe – newest addition

  • Adopt a pet – life like pets (cats/dogs) interactive
Masonicare resident at construction station

Construction Station

  • Home Depot plumbing station – textile / hand coordination – reminiscence of those who are familiar with a construction career.
  • Safe use of tools
  • Construction projects
Masonicare resident at teacher station

Teacher Station

  • Reminiscence for those who corrected papers
  • Developed projects
  • Share the need to fill part of an administrative setting
Masonicare resident folding laundry

Laundry Station

  • State of the Art Laundry Sorting stations that help align with OT/PT goals
  • Hand textile, folding, coordination, mobility etc.