Presentation of the David Wooster Medal


Posted on Nov 03, 2020

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Presentation of the David Wooster Medal

November 2, 2020 (Wallingford, CT) - In 2020, since the first news of a highly infectious, novel coronavirus started circulating in medical circles, the staff of Masonicare recognized the enormity of the threat to the health and safety of residents, patients, and staff. Masonicare is an elder care community comprising the most vulnerable, the most at risk for serious illness and death from the virus. From the earliest days on this journey, Masonicare staff at every level and in every role stepped up to protect and care for residents and for each other. Through their constant vigilance, cooperation, and innovation, the staff of Masonicare achieved remarkable results that stand out not only in Connecticut but also nationally.

Through their tireless and extraordinary efforts, staff have individually and collectively defended residents, patients, and each other against the worst health crisis of our modern age.

For this effort, The Grand Lodge of Connecticut’s David Wooster Medal has been presented to All Masonicare employees who cared for those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020.

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