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Facility-Based​​ Hospice Care​

We bring compassionate hospice care into facilities – nursing homes, assisted living communities and even hospitals – wherever the patient who is being referred for hospice or palliative care lives. In the case of a nursing home, it is usually the social worker or nursing staff who helps with the referral process.


When the patient is in a nursing home or skilled nursing facility, our hospice team develops a customized plan of care and works with the staff to make sure the needs and choices of the resident and family are met. It is a comfort to families and patients to know they can remain in the facility and continue with familiar staff. Our team provides a holistic approach, enhanced by many complementary therapies, working with the attending physician and staff.


You may wonder what hospice care costs. Both Medicare and Medicaid have a hospice benefit. Private insurance may also include a hospice benefit. Our team can review payment options and the different levels of care possible.


The earlier a referral is made, the more time the hospice team will have to support you and your loved one through this difficult time. For assistance with the referral process or any questions related to hospice eligibility, you may call Masonicare Home Health & Hospice directly at 888-482-8862.



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