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Testimonials From Our Clients

We are happy to share here some of the feedback our employees have received from recent clients.



The whole process could not have been easier. You have fantastic staff. Thank you for going the extra mile.

~ Donna M.


Barbara (Masonicare at Home personal care attendant) has helped my neighbor Cate for several years now, I should say helped her and her elderly dog Chipper.  Barbara is always bright and cheery, and has helped Cate in so many ways.


Please know Barbara is a treasure, we value her and appreciate her help with our delightful neighbor.

~Beth C. 

 About our Philips Lifeline Services:

All excellent. This technology allowed my mom to get help for herself within minutes. Thank you.

~ Ellen G. on behalf of Emily B.

The Lifeline service was more than immaculate. Delia D'Agostino of Masonicare was an excellent individual to work with.

~ Adelaide L. for Mary G.


A short time ago, I was talking to my friend Bob about the challenges that he was having taking care of his elderly father. One of his concerns was that since he is often away and his father is home alone, if there were an emergency, he might not be able to get help, which could lead to disastrous and possibly tragic results. This led me to think of my friend, Cheryl Olson.


Cheryl is the Program Manager of Mobile Health Technologies at Masonicare in Wallingford, Connecticut. One of Cheryl's functions at Masonicare is providing the elderly and those in need in the community with Lifeline medical alert devices. We all remember the, "Help, I've fallen and I can't get up," commercials.  This is the same type of device or devices I'm talking about. But through my conversations with Cheryl, I've learned that these types of devices have come a long, long way. To the point that a young person with no disability could possibly have use for such a device, since one of their offerings has GPS and other locating technologies.


Anyway, Bob got in contact with Cheryl and she was able to provide a solution for their needs. Bob commented to me that he was extremely satisfied with the services that Cheryl had provided and was feeling much better about his and his mother's situation.


Based on this, I can very confidently say that if someone that you know or care for may need an emergency medical alert or mobile help device, Cheryl Olson is the person that you should call. She can be reached directly at 203-679-5596.


~Tom Veno, Supreme Office Technology

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