Testimonials From Our Clients

Testimonials From Our Clients

We are happy to share here some of the feedback our employees have received from recent clients.



I want you to know how pleased I am with the care Alexander is providing.  He has the ability to be there the moment he is needed and to give them their space when he is not.  I witnessed Alexander's attention to detail in tracking my father's medication and in monitoring both of my parent's needs.  It was also obvious that his competence is appreciated by the hospice staff in charge of my parent's care.


Alexander's presence allows my parents to spend their remaining time together at home and gives me confidence that they are in a safe environment.


Thank you again for everything you are doing for my family.

~Bob M.


The whole process could not have been easier. You have fantastic staff. Thank you for going the extra mile.

~ Donna M.


Barbara (Masonicare at Home personal care attendant) has helped my neighbor Cate for several years now, I should say helped her and her elderly dog Chipper.  Barbara is always bright and cheery, and has helped Cate in so many ways.


Please know Barbara is a treasure, we value her and appreciate her help with our delightful neighbor.

~Beth C. 

 About our Philips Lifeline Services:

All excellent. This technology allowed my mom to get help for herself within minutes. Thank you.

~ Ellen G. on behalf of Emily B.

The Lifeline service was more than immaculate. Delia โ€‹of Masonicare was an excellent individual to work with.

~ Adelaide L. for Mary G.

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