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​​Wound Care​​

​Some patients develop wounds that simply don’t respond to conventional care techniques. That’s when wound care from specially trained nurses can make all the difference. Their expert intervention with advanced therapies and the latest products can get patients back on track, and many times with amazing progress.

What Is Wound Care?

It’s in-home care for patients with all types of difficult-to-heal wounds such as surgical incisions, pressure sores, or skin ulcers.

Whom We Help

Any Connecticut resident with care needs due to a chronic or acute illness.

What to Expect

Your nurse will evaluate your wound and take a baseline digital photograph for examination by other wound-care specialists. Throughout your recovery, your nurse will continue to tend to you and, with your permission, photographically record your wound’s progress. Patients’ results vary depending on the severity and type of wound. However, our nurses have seen wounds that previously took months or years to heal respond in half the time.

The Masonicare Difference​

Masonicare employs expert clinicians, devoted to the care of both simple and complex wounds. They continually update their understanding of this specialty, using therapies and products often available nowhere else. This specialty is supplemented by the widest array of home healthcare services available to the greatest number of Connecticut residents.​

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