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Connecticut Senior Hospital Alliance

A collaboration to provide the best acute care for seniors

Who Are We?

The Connecticut Senior Hospital Alliance is an alliance-based collaboration between Masonicare and Hebrew Senior Care, who are committed to providing the best acute care services for seniors.

Senior care requires a team of professionals specially trained in geriatric medicine. The Connecticut Senior Hospital Alliance was developed to enhance the level of hospital care offered to seniors across the state. Through a myriad of programs and services designed to meet the very specialized needs of the geriatric population, the two non-profit healthcare organizations offer seniors and their families a whole new option in hospital care - Connecticut's first senior specialty care hospital.

Admission Information

Admission is available 24/7 to either location.
For more information, please call the Connecticut Senior Hospital line: 888-275-5798

Masonicare Acute Care Senior Hospital
22 Masonic Avenue, Wallingford

The Hospital at Hebrew Senior Care
1 Abrahms Boulevard
West Hartford   


What we do

Simply put, we provide hospital care for seniors for a number of illnesses that are common among the senior population. We provide direct admission to a quiet room, without the long and often uncomfortable emergency room admission process. This means that care is started sooner and in the comfort of a room that has been designed with the needs of the senior population in mind.


Direct admission and immediate, individualized delivery of care - uncompromised care. That's our promise to you.


Common Diagnoses Treated:

Pneumonia/Upper Respiratory Illness

Pain Management

Congestive Heart Failure

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Urinary Tract Infection

Dementia/Delirium/Altered Mental Status



For more information
Call the Connecticut Senior Hospital line: 888-275-5798

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