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June: Message from the President – Stephen B. McPherson

June 27, 2013

McPherson 2013Last month, Masonicare joined dozens of Connecticut healthcare providers to recognize outstanding nurses with the 2013 Nightingale Award.


Eleven nurses from our continuum were among those honored at four events around the state.  As a regional sponsor, we were invited to address attendees at the Greater New Haven dinner on May 13.  Speaking on our behalf was Susan Adams, RN, MHSA, PhD and Vice President of Masonicare Home Health & Hospice.  Susan’s words were spoken from the heart and, as someone who was there, I can tell you they had a visible impact on the audience.


You must be very proud to be here tonight.  It means you know a nurse, respect a nurse, love a nurse, or are a nurse.


Those we are honoring are indeed exceptional nurses!  To paraphrase Florence Nightingale: “Nurses are a special breed of people.  They get up in the morning, (or evening, or night), and go to work with one simple, yet profound purpose in mind: ‘I will care for you.’  When asked what the most important tool in their workday is – every great nurse would answer, ‘My heart!’”


It has been said that life is a journey and I would like to suggest that when the life journey of a nurse meets with those who are somehow broken, it takes all that you are and all that you have to give to care for them.


You experience not just physical, but also emotional, exhaustion.  You give of yourself until you think there is nothing left to give.  And then you dig deep and rediscover who you are as a person.


Patients share their most intimate moments with you.  They bring life into the world with you, and they die with you.


You may never really know all the times you are making a difference in someone’s life – but nurses do make a difference every single day!


Nursing is a way of life in which you share your heart and soul.  There is no greater exercise for that heart than reaching out and lifting people up.


As you will hear in the stories tonight of the nurses we are honoring, they are exceptional because of who they are and what they gave – that was not dictated or mandated by anyone.


Listen carefully to the stories of one caring human being giving of themselves to enhance the lives of others.


Will all nurses in the audience please stand? 


Please raise your glasses with me in a toast to this humanity which is known as a nurse!  

To all practitioners in the art of Nursing – may tonight be a token of our admiration for all that you are and all that you do.


Please join me in congratulating our 2013 Nightingale Nurses, and in acknowledging the extraordinary contributions of nurses everywhere.

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