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The Complicated World of Health Care Quality

Mar 18, 2014

By Jim Judson, Director of Quality Over the last forty years, there has been much discussion on the definition related to the quality of health care. There have been multiple attempts by various governing bodies to define quality succinctly.  Many...

Tips to Help You Avoid the “oohs” and “ouches” of Back Pain

Nov 12, 2013

Physical therapist Bonnie Platt of Masonicare’s Outpatient Rehabilitation Department offers the following advice to help us avoid pain and discomfort in the back.  Back pain is certainly not a rare experience.  Did you know that 60-80% of the population will...

Getting a Flu Shot – What you need to know

Oct 10, 2013

Caroline Hebert, RN, Manager of the Outpatient Specialty Clinics and Employee Health Services at Masonicare Health Center in Wallingford, has seen dozens of patients with influenza and witnessed firsthand the serious complications that can often result.  Now that flu season...


Sep 26, 2013

Dr. Steven Angelo, MD VP for Medical Affairs, Masonicare As an internal medicine physician, I am often asked by patients to boil down the keys to healthy living to an easy-to-follow list. The “Ten Commandments” listed below are my attempt...


Jul 24, 2013

Perhaps you wake up one morning and your neck is stiff and sore; or you overdo it playing touch football with your son and your knee is painful and swollen.  If you decide to treat a condition or injury like...

Have Fun in the Sun – But Protect Your Skin While Doing It

Jul 10, 2013

Amy Davis, MSN, APRN, is a nurse practitioner at Masonicare Primary Care Physicians in Wallingford, where she specializes in general medical dermatology for adults.  Ms. Davis treats a variety of skin disorders and performs biopsies and the excision/destruction of lesions. ...

Timely Hospice Care Saves Medicare Dollars

Jun 19, 2013

A recent bulletin of the Connecticut Association for Healthcare at Home pointed out that new research from Mt. Sinai has validated that hospice care saves money for Medicare and improves the quality of care received by Medicare beneficiaries.  Researchers looked...

What’s So Great about the Mediterranean Diet and why is Everyone Talking about it?

Apr 10, 2013

TV and newspapers bombarded us recently with news about a major study that found that eating a Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil and nuts lowers the rate of major cardiovascular events, at least among people at increased risk for...

Learn Why Advance Medical Directives are Important – to You AND Your Family

Mar 20, 2013

The Sixth Annual National Healthcare Decisions Day, designed to “inspire, educate and empower the public and providers about the importance of advance care planning,” will be held throughout the United States on April 16.     Through many years of experience,...

Eat Right for a Healthy Life

Jan 15, 2013

Jenny Starr, R.D., Clinical Nutrition Manager for Masonicare Health Center, knows how important it is to follow a healthy diet and make practical changes in our diets that will stick. “We strive to offer and encourage healthy choices for our...

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