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Geriatric Assessment – Pathways Program

Age commonly brings changes in eyesight, hearing, mobility, memory and a host of other challenges.  Some problems we may take in stride, but others may threaten safety, affect quality of life, or even cause a significant decline in health.  Masonicare’s Pathways Program provides a comprehensive evaluation of a senior’s physical, mental and emotional health and offers a comprehensive plan for care and support when needed.  The healthcare professionals at Masonicare will help you take the steps necessary to ensure that you or a loved one can have the most independent, enjoyable life possible.

Whom we help: Connecticut seniors, not just Masons, who may be seeing physical and/or mental changes that prevent them from enjoying life as they once did.

The Masonicare Difference: Since 1994, our program has helped family members, patients and their doctors address health issues.  Patients learn coping skills and practical approaches to improve short-term memory retention, problem solving and decision making.  We offer education on the memory loss process and effective ways to assist patients and families.

Pathways Program Services:
• A 1-1/2 to 2 hour in-depth exam is conducted on an outpatient basis in a relaxed atmosphere by a geriatric physician and geriatric advanced practice nurse.
• The evaluation covers functional, cognitive, psychosocial and medical issues
• A follow-up report offers specialized care recommendations and referrals to community resources, if needed.
•Family members are encouraged to participate and discuss any areas of concern
• A final report with recommendations is presented to the patient, family and primary care physician.