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Audiology (Hearing Care & Testing, Hearing Aids)

Basic human interaction requires talking and hearing. And, a simple evaluation and hearing healthcare plan can help you resume a more engaging role in your relationships. In most cases, insurance covers diagnostic hearing evaluation. However, Medicare does not pay for hearing aids.

What is hearing loss?

Hearing loss that develops in older adults, presbycusis, generally stems from gradual changes in the inner ear, middle ear or in nerves. Presbycusis most often occurs in both ears. Those with this complaint may have greater difficulty hearing high-pitched sounds, but may retain some hearing ability.

Whom we help:

Anyone age four or older with any degree of hearing loss.

What to expect:

Evaluations can be conducted in a single office appointment. Thereafter, you’ll receive personalized advice that draws on a complete range of services and solutions to treat every facet of hearing and balance (dizziness) disorders.

The Masonicare difference:

Our staff consists of licensed audiologists specializing in the diagnosis and remedial treatment of hearing disorders, with special expertise in providing hearing healthcare to older adults. Every audiologist has completed a master’s degree or doctorate in audiology.

Audiology Services

(Hearing Test, Hearing Aid Sales & Service)

  • Complete hearing evaluations
  • Patient and family education, including understanding hearing loss and communication strategies
  • Follow-up confirmation to ensure achievement of goals
  • Personalized advice in selecting hearing aids that best meet your needs
  • Selection of safety and communication devices, including television infrared systems, amplified telephones, smoke detectors, specially designed answering machines, personal amplifiers and FM systems
  • Repair and service of hearing aids and devices; loaner instruments