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Electrocardiogram [EKG]

Masonicare Health Center offers Electrocardiogram [EKG] services with treatment by trained and caring professionals. Medicare and most major insurances are accepted.

An EKG is an important initial test for someone who is suspected of having a heart problem. It measures heart rhythm and conduction of the electrical current inside your heart. EKGs are extremely safe and risk-free. EKG studies are covered by Medicare and generally by secondary insurance plans.

Whom we help:

We treat anyone with risk factors for heart disease. And. we are open to all, not just Masons.

What to expect:

Small adhesive electrodes are attached to your body, usually on your chest, arms and legs. Your heart’s electrical activity is read by the EKG machine, graphed and then printed out. Your study is then interpreted by a doctor. It takes just a few minutes to apply the EKG electrodes, and one minute to make the actual heart reading.

The Masonicare difference:

We’re experienced geriatric specialists, with a complete appreciation of all the challenges seniors may face. Your EKG will be evaluated by Masonicare specialists who do nothing but interpret seniors’ heart readings. And, if you need more tests or care, Masonicare can accommodate with everything from diagnostic testing to acute care to rehabilitation. We are conveniently located right off of the Wilbur Cross Parkway and Route 150 in Wallingford. Our central locations are handicapped and wheelchair accessible, with free parking.