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Bone Scans

In later years, bones can thin and become more prone to fracture. This condition, called osteoporosis, is commonly linked to women, but men are at risk, too. The good news is that osteoporosis is entirely preventable, if treated early. Women over age 65 (and others with key risk factors) are advised to have a quick, painless bone scan. Results will help your doctor recommend ways to keep your bones healthy. In many instances, Medicare covers a bone density test. Check with your doctor to find out if your need qualifies for coverage.

What is a bone scan? 

A dexa bone scan is a type of X-ray that identifies weak bones before a fracture occurs. These scans are much more precise than regular X-rays, yet expose the patient to less radiation.

Whom we help: 

Anyone, not just Masons, with risk factors for osteoporosis.

What to expect: 

During the scan, you’ll lie on a table while a camera passes over areas of your body (for instance, your hand, your hip, or your spine) and records images. This is painless. A scan can take just 30 minutes, and results are usually available right away.

The Masonicare difference: 

Bone scans are just one more valuable service conveniently available to seniors at the Masonicare Healthcare Center. Our specially trained staff performs and interprets nothing but bone scans, assuring you of a knowledgeable diagnosis.

Bone Scan Services

  • DPX-1Q Bone Densitometer testing
  • Prescription of the latest safe and effective drug treatments
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Rehabilitation counseling and exercise instruction